Choosing Between Live Quizzes and Online Polls

Are you stuck deciding between running live quizzes or online polls in the classroom or the boardroom?

Live quizzes versus online polls

Well, the good news is, with audience polling software like Swift by ExciteM, there’s no need to choose. It’s easy to utilize these and other audience interaction tools all at once. That being said, let’s discuss some of the situations where choosing one over the other might be best.

You want to test subject knowledge

If you’re not sure if your audience is really absorbing the material you’re sharing, a live quiz is an excellent way to quickly test subject knowledge. Depending on the results of the quiz, you can use that information to determine which areas you need to focus on more or what’s already understood.

At the same time, live quizzes are a good way to keep students engaged in your content and eager to hear what you have to say. After all, if they know they’re going to be tested on a particular subject, they’re more likely to stay tuned in!

You want to collect real-time feedback and opinions

Anytime you want to find out what your audience/employees/fans/voters think, choosing online polls over live quizzes is recommended. There are also different types of polls to choose from, including open-ended Q&As, surveys, and word clouds. Depending on your goals, you can choose one or all of these options.

With Swift’s web polling features, you can collect votes in real-time from SMS messages or online, and use that information to guide your future decisions. Ultimately, many organizations truly rely on the information collected from web polling.

You want to encourage friendly competition

One of the most fun elements of live quizzes is getting to share the results on a leaderboard with participants. Not only does this encourage friendly competition between participants, but it also motivates them to participate in the first place! To take things up a notch, you can even choose to offer prizes to the top contenders or random players.

Live quizzes and online polls both serve a number of purposes, including keeping presentations fun and engaging, and keeping your audience or team members interested in what you have to say!

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